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fBlog is a stand-alone weblog page generator to be uploaded (website) or viewed on its own computer (diary or notebook).


  • Simple:
    • no templating,
    • themes comes only with style sheets,
    • no programming skills required,
    • standalone binary executable.
  • Human interfaces:
    • command line,
    • console.
  • Powerful:
    • generate thousands entries in few seconds (tested for 1 entry/day/50 years.),
    • low memory footprint.
  • Secure:
    • no JavaScript,
    • no PHP,
    • no *SQL database but plain text files,
    • static web pages,
    • statically typed and compiled programming language.
  • Internationalization:
    • right-to-left direction languages (not fully tested),
    • UTF-8 .
  • Limitations:
    • no commentaries,
    • only 8 bits character length encoding (UTF-8 tested),
    • not yet Markdown support (scheduled),
    • not yet RSS-ATOM feed (coming soon).

Target systems

  • Any UNIX/POSIX based systems (Linux x86_64 tested).


  • Build time:
    • recent Fortran compiler (gfortran-5.3.0 tested).
  • Web pages generation:
    • POSIX shell (Bash tested),
    • POSIX external commands (ls rm cp mkdir stty and vi).
  • Online:
    • Web server (Apache tested).
  • Offline:
    • Web browser (Firefox tested).

Quick start

              01     $  autoreconf --install
              02     $ ./configure
              03     # sudo make install
              04     $ mkdir blog_dir
              05     $ fblog blog_dir


By default, the text editor is launched according EDITOR environment variable. (If none, vi text editor is launched.) To override it, (i.g. to have nano editor), just enter at command line:

              $ EDITOR=nano fblog -c blog_dir

Uncomment the line beginning by EDITOR and write the name of your preferred editor.

Copyright (C) 2016 Denis Bernard
License: GPLv3+

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